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Heaven’s Best specializes in carpet cleaning services. This is because of our Dry in 1 hour promise. Your carpets will dry quickly and be deeply cleaned by our eco-friendly process. You can see how important customer service is to us by our reviews.

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✔ Carpets Dry in One Hour

✔ 30 Day Spot Guarantee

✔ Family & Pet Friendly

✔ No Harsh Chemicals

✔ Family Owned & Operated

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning process is eco-friendly for multiple reasons. One reason is that our process uses less water than most carpet cleaning techniques call for. Also, our cleaning solutions have no harsh chemicals in them. This doesn’t just make them good for the environment. It also means they are safe to have in your home and around your kids and pets.

Dry in One Hour

Heaven’s Best has made special effort to cater to our customers. We have designed our process so that our carpet cleaning services are as easy as possible for you. For example, our cleaning solutions are pet and kid friendly so they are safe for your family. Also, we don’t use any harsh chemicals and because we use less water than most carpet cleaning methods. Because of this our carpet cleaning process is environmentally friendly. We have perfected the process of carpet cleaning so that your carpets are Dry in One Hour! All these methods have been developed for you, to make your experience with us truly heavenly.


Our Cleaning Process

When we arrive to clean your carpets we begin by confirming that you agree to our services. Once this is complete we will move the furniture off the carpet to deeply clean all of it. The only furniture our technicians are not expected to move are extremely large pieces. This includes items such as beds and entertainment centers.

Next is the vacuuming getting rid of a lot of the dust and looser dirt in the carpet. After this our technicians apply the cleaning solution to the carpet. This cleaning solution breaks down the dirt and grime that vacuums can’t quite remove. Then our specialty equipment sucks up the broken down dirt. This leaves your carpet clean and smelling citrus fresh. Some areas in your carpet may need this treatment multiple times. Finally we use a specialized carpet rake that stands the fibers of your carpet up. Making it look new and helping your carpet to dry quickly.

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